Crestone Eagle—According to Tad Crawford, Baca Fire Dept. Assistant Chief the lightning caused fire 1.5 miles up Spanish Creek continues to burn as a “low activity” fire with visible smoke. It is being closely monitored. The area of the fire is in a rocky and difficult to access location. The safety of firefighters was considered in how to fight this fire. After hand crews went to the area to assess and possibly suppress the fire, it was decided to use water drops from helicopters to control the fire. Two days ago the forest service had a helicopter dump several loads of water onto the fire. The forest service has also collected plant samples from the area to determine moisture content.
The fire is burning in low brush and dead fall and is not up in the tree canopy.
The forest service has developed a plan to implement a number of measures that would be taken if the fire should increase. Crawford says “Firefighters and the forest service are keeping a close eye on this fire.”