On March 5, 2013 a special election will be held on whether or not to dissolve the Crestone Emergency Services District. Eligible voters for this election are all those people who are registered to vote in Colorado and who own property in the recently formed Crestone Fire Protection District, dba Crestone Emergency Services District.

The election will be held on March 5, 2013, to consider whether the Crestone Fire Protection District shall be dissolved. Vote at the polls at the Crestone Community Center on north Cottonwood Street (old school house) on March 5 from 7:00am to 7:00pm.

Mail-in ballots were not automatically sent to local voters who usually vote by mail-in ballot. If you had not specifically requested a mail-ballot  for this election, you must vote in person.  Mail-in ballots had been available upon request, but the deadline to request one has passed.

In November 2011, voters approved the formation of an Emergency Services District. However, a mill levy was not approved by the voters, leaving the new district un-funded. In a vote in May 2012, the mill levy again failed to pass. Subsequently, a petition was circulated requesting the termination of the district and the election to do so approved by the court. The past three district elections were all decided by fewer than 25 votes.

Please participate in this important election.

Vote “NO” on dissolution to retain the district.

Vote “YES” on dissolution to dissolve the district.