Tensions mount    

by Starr Sites     

Capricorn focus

During December, 7 astrological points will transit Capricorn. Pluto will remain there until 2024, Jupiter and Saturn until mid-December 2020, and the South Node until May. Among the faster-moving personal planets, Venus entered Capricorn last month and remains there until Winter Solstice on December 21, when the Sun enters Cardinal Capricorn for the longest night of the year. By the end of the month Mercury leaps into Capricorn as well. That’s alot of Capricorn energy this month with much of it continuing throughout 2020.

Saturn’s qualities

Capricorn is ruled by stern Saturn, which is serious, practical, organized, thrifty, energetically restrictive, long on perspective, enterprising, and hard-working toward achieving its goals. Saturn also specializes in discipline, responsibility, strategic planning and timeliness—focusing on the task at hand with leadership.

Capricorn applies these qualities, along with ambition and often greed, administering and managing systems within the government, big business, corporations, Wall Street, and other hierarchies of control. Within these structures, Capricorn represents the president, the CEO, the board that sets functional parameters, and the upper echelons of wealth and power.


The nature of Pluto is like a roto-rooter, clearing away the detritus of our lives. It brings destruction to whatever is no longer working and needs to be removed, irrespective of our attachments to the old ways. Once the old has been eliminated, new and improved systems can be built upon the compost of what was discarded or destroyed. The archetype of the phoenix bird, rising magnificently from the ashes of destruction, applies to Pluto as well.

Mars & Mercury in Scorpio

Pluto and Scorpio (the sign Pluto rules) have dominion over the underworld, its mineral riches, tectonic movements, political and economic secrets, subversive rebellions, criminal behaviors, the breakdown of society, as well as its subsequent rebuilding. Mars (action) and Mercury (communications) in Scorpio, join Pluto to enact “retribution and slander” when challenged. However, deep writers may get a boost!

Tensions mount

What is approaching astrologically is a huge clash between stalwart Saturn and intense Pluto on January 12, 2020. These two heavyweights come together approximately every 35 years—previously in 1914 (at the start of WWI), in 1947 (as budding technologies emerged after WWII), and in 1982 (the rise of corporations). 2020 begins a new cycle where our debt crisis could lead to the redistribution of wealth, thus re-stabilizing the middle class while putting pressure on the 1% to carry their weight through greater transparency and prosecutorial accountability. Expect karmic consequences to intensify for us all!

Karmic consequences

Where you are strong in truth, you will likely “pass the test”, but where you (or others) are blind, insincere or unaware, negative patterns within you may be targeted for “cosmic correction”, but sometimes it takes actual consequences to awaken us to the need for change.  This means if you remain alert to your own foibles, ideas, beliefs and behaviors, and are both willing and able to correct those aspects of self (or the world) that are no longer working, your life will become more enlightened in expression, and more meaningful in manifestation.

The mighty will fall

As Saturn transits the sign it rules for the remainder of 2020, expect those “at the top” to take center-stage, pilloried for their misdeeds and transgressions, plus their arrogance and excesses.  Saturn represents accountability and Pluto extracts consequences for selfish manipulations. Together they bring “opportunity disguised as loss,” with the eventual building of a better, more sustainable world, but only after the destruction and rectification of misdeeds and the elimination of corruption.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Having recently spent time conjunct the Galactic Center at ~28° Sagittarius, expansive Jupiter moves into constrictive Capricorn on December 3. This may feel like a souring of our mood as lucky, free-spirited Sagittarius gives way to sober, duty-bound Capricorn. Spending 1 year in each sign, Jupiter traverses the zodiac every 12 years, so 2008 was the last pass, and yes, we can expect another recession to begin in 2020. However, with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020, this one is likely to be more severe than in ’08. More on that next month . . .

Winter Solstice: Dec. 21

The tribalism in DC seems unshakeable as Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, South Node, and Pluto all squeeze together into the 4th house of Family or Tribe in the Solstice chart. There is little likelihood of Republicans splintering from almost unanimous support for Trump, despite facts ably presented in public testimonies by career diplomats of high integrity.

The Solstice Astrocartography Map shows Japan to be under extreme pressure from possible earthquakes or continuing nuclear accidents during the upcoming 4 months. Send prayers to calm the Earth.

Sun-Jupiter uplift

We will experience a lovely aspect on Saturday, Dec. 28 as the Sun and Jupiter co-mingle. Steeped in galactic light, Jupiter broadcasts higher consciousness to those who seek it. Drink deeply of these higher energies and expand your spiritual intentions to take full advantage of this blast of quantum light as we enter a whole new decade!