Timeline merge    

published: November 2019

by Starr Sites 

Mercury Retrograde

November begins with Mercury turning retrograde in Scorpio, where it is sensitive, secretive and sparks heightened creativity. Thus, your art, music, or writing may blossom this month. However, the usual Mercury retrograde annoyances may occur with a vengeance as well—miscommunications, machine breakdowns, meeting place muddles, etc. Subconscious issues may also surface for examination. On Nov. 10 until the end of the month, Mercury will replace the Sun in a month-long beneficial Grand Water Trine between North Node and Neptune.

Mercury stations direct on Nov. 20 but remains “in its shadow” until Dec. 7, making us somewhat less effective all month. This “slippery mind” condition is further aggravated by Neptune, which interjects misconceptions and confusions that “muddy the waters.” Try not to fall for “the con!” Alternately, you may be inspired toward lofty goals and visionary dreams.


Tensions, impatience and irritability accelerate as Mars continues to square Saturn/Pluto until the Nov. 13 Full Moon.  For the rest of November, Mars opposes change-maker Uranus sparking sudden unexpected surprises. Under this influence, some people may act strangely, exploding irrationally while trying to escape their obligations. Others may free themselves from restrictions (or illnesses) that have limited them. Meanwhile, increasingly threatening situations in the Middle East raise global concerns. Luckily, things may lighten up once the Sun leaves intense Scorpio and enters fun-loving Sagittarius on Nov. 22.

New Moon

The New Moon on the 26th trines Chiron, initiating more investigations and discoveries, while Mars trines the North Node, allowing positive actions to be taken. Uranus also trines Venus, Jupiter and the South Node, meaning visitors from the past (or strangers who feel familiar) may show up unexpectedly. 


Neptune, especially in Pisces, is spiritual, musical, mystical, imaginative, romantic, and compassionate.  Neptune inspires higher ideals, creates beautifully, and intuits things beyond normal knowing. But it can also be disorienting. Neptune lacks rational, linear thinking, as its wisdom is ephemeral rather than logical or concrete. Thus, in a Grand Trine with Sun (personal genius) and North Node (life’s direction), Neptune can spiritualize our work, or make us feel completely “lost”. Beware of idealistic naiveté, and do not believe everything you hear or read, as conspiracy theories, lies and fantasies abound.

Timeline merge    

This will sound strange, but some metaphysicians are expecting a timeline merge to occur this month, peaking sometime between November 16 to November 24.  Perhaps you have heard of parallel lives, which are similar, but due to varying dimensional frequencies beyond our understanding, they differ in certain respects from this one. (Example: In one lifetime you may become a doctor, while in a parallel life perhaps you became a nurse, an EMT or a midwife.)  Of course, there is no way to prove parallel lives exist, but we must acknowledge that there is a lot we do not know about our galactic reality, and the “mysteries” of today will become the “facts” of tomorrow.

Occasionally these parallel lives intersect each other, blending for awhile and then separating again. Supposedly the Camelot stories never happened in our timeline but because of a timeline merge in the past when the more magical Camelot timeline intersected with ours, their stories entered our mythology, uplifting and inspiring us in mystical ways.

Another such crossing of timelines is expected to occur this month, bringing a positive energy surge. Those who are working on themselves may feel something unusual, even if they can’t quite put their finger on what it is or how it is impacting them. An expansion of some sort will occur for many, although others may sense nothing out of the ordinary, even though the entire world will be impacted. Should you feel “a disturbance in the Force,” so to speak, resist fear and remain calm. Breathe deeply during this timeline merge (roughly October to December) until you feel at peace.  You may feel like a load is being lifted from your shoulders, or creatively you may expand in some new way. Each will experience this blending of timelines somewhat differently, but many will awaken on some new level in order to radiate a brighter light and to bring more evolved energy into our world. Watch for new colors, lights in the sky, as well as more radiant countenances on the faces you encounter. Quantum growth can occur this month.

Timelines are collapsing and merging, altering us subtly but powerfully during this evolutionary transition period of the early 21st century. This timeline merge will allow us to transmute into “our better selves.” Different versions of reality may occur simultaneously, some with agendas to promote, as in partisan politics. Create more pleasing outcomes in your personal and global realities by letting go of “old psychological baggage” in preparation for the 5th dimensional Ascension timeline, yet to come. If we are willing, this timeline merge can expand our ability to create a more wondrous life. Therefore, relax, release, and be grateful as you step into your highest destiny!