published: November 2019

Sustaining life on earth is our responsibility

by Susan Fey. DSS

Our next big evolutionary leap

We are evolving as a species over eons of time.  We are now making a big leap in consciousness toward our brother and sisterhood.  This might seem like a giving up of our individuality. It’s quite the opposite.  Our individuality is growing, and with that we can assume a higher level of awareness and responsibility for ourselves, each other and all life on our planet. We are moving toward an expansion of consciousness affecting every aspect of our lives. Just as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly, we are transforming ourselves and our lives.

What we accomplish will be well worth the love and strength we muster to make our big leap.  It is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, our children and all generations to come.  Our work is to lift up, expanding our consciousness to create a world of peace, prosperity, health, wealth and happiness for all.  Rudolf Steiner said the mission of humanity is to evolve toward love and peace. The actions below can move us toward peaceful and prosperous human life and sustaining all life on earth.

1. Reverse climate change

Drawdown edited by Paul Hawken is “the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming.” This plan delineates scientifically sourced methods of reducing world carbon emissions in order of their effectiveness as measured by the reduction of carbon, the cost of the reduction and the monetary savings of the reduction. 

The number one method (of the one hundred methods rated most effective to reduce climate change) is to purify refrigeration chemicals.  The hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) used in refrigeration are one to nine thousand times more potent than carbon dioxide to warm the atmosphere. The Kigali agreement phases out use of HCFCs and is mandatory worldwide.  As the climate warms, however, more refrigeration is necessary.  Refrigerants cause emissions throughout their life.  Ninety percent of refrigerant emissions happen at the end of their life.  Refrigerants can be purified for reuse or transformed into other chemicals that do not cause global warming.  This method is costly and technical but needs to become standard practice.

If two methods Hawken describes regarding women are combined, together they would far outweigh all other methods including refrigeration as being the most effective to reduce climate change.  They are educating girls for thirteen years and the more controversial family planning, both of which significantly reduce population.

2.  Shrink our military 

U.S. military expenditures are roughly the size of the next seven largest military budgets around the world, combined.  We have over 800 military bases while the rest of the world has 77.  Larry Wilkerson, former deputy to Secretary of State Colin Powell, speaks about which bases around the world can be safely closed, which weapons are useless and how drones make more terrorists than they kill.  Assets of our bases can be converted to green enterprise zones. The money saved can pay off our national debt and give us the means to reverse climate change, provide universal single payer health care and education for all. 

3. Eliminate income tax and create a wealth tax for all

When all of us are taxed in proportion to our wealth rather than our income, we will end the destructive economic disparity between the super wealthy and the rest of us.  Wealth is assets minus liabilities. General Electric, Boeing,, Verizon and 22 other profitable Fortune 500 firms paid no federal income taxes from 2008 through 2012, according to Citizens for Tax Justice. 111 profitable Fortune 500 firms paid zero federal taxes in at least one of those five years.  Earlier this year, ITEP reported Netflix and Amazon paid no federal taxes. Legally, corporations are persons.  Fairness demands corporations like all other persons pay taxes according to their wealth.  Approximately 2%, which is only 2¢ on the dollar, is a small price to pay for being an American.  This is simply leveling the playing field.

4. Democratize capitalism

Democratizing capitalism is about extending democracy into the economic sphere.  Our wealthy are our wealth creators, so are our workers.  We need them both.  The current structure of corporations distributes wealth disproportionately to stockholders, CEOs and executives, leaving a deadly wealth disparity and debt for our country and our workers

Like the pig and the chicken debating their contribution to breakfast, workers invest their lives in corporations and deserve as much reward as stockholders and CEOs.  Human dignity and prosperity come from deepening our democracy to include all workers in the American dream.  Ownership of corporations not by the government or solely by the stockholders, but also by the workers is essential to allow the American dream of prosperity for all to come true. Employee ownership can take many forms and is already being demonstrated by successful corporations. Like Rosa Parks, workers must stand up and demand what they need, want and deserve.

Powerful labor unions, government regulations and meaningful worker participation in corporate board rooms are pathways for more balanced worker compensation. The most successful form of worker participation is cooperatives which produce a fair economy, an enthusiastic work force, and products and production methods which promote community health.  In true cooperatives workers hire and fire the CEOs, set wages appropriately, produce products which do not pollute their health or environment, and which contribute to the betterment of their communities. The rich can still be rich and the rest of us get our fair share.

5. Denuclearize all military & domestic use of nuclear power and end mining of uranium

Radioactive material is manmade and makes whatever it touches become radioactive for thousands of years.  There is no safe way to store radioactive waste including the nuclear plants themselves. With every tide the nuclear waste we believed we sealed off in the Marshall Islands is now contaminating the ocean.  Moving radioactive material contaminates more places.  Smaller radioactive plants and weapons proliferate contamination.  Denuclearization of one country while others are nuclearized does not work.  The International Atomic Energy Commission can now monitor the denuclearization of all countries.

6. Education is an investment in our country

Prosperity comes from educating every child to their capacity, not just the wealthy.  Wall Street can provide education for all qualified students as investments in America, creating prosperity for all and serving us all.  Graduates making over $100,000 a year can gradually repay their grants creating a fund for all future students.

7. Justice for all

In 1922 the Menninger Foundation was authorized by the White House to write a white paper about our prison system.  Their conclusion was that our prisons were based on revenge and did more harm than good, turning prisoners into seasoned criminals.  This barbaric practice continues one hundred years later.  A high percentage of those sentenced to death are proven innocent.

Following the horrors of WWII, European and other countries replaced prisons with rehabilitation centers based on the dignity of all persons.  They eliminated punishment, decreasing their crime and recidivism rates.  They reduced the cost of their justice systems.

Please join in heartfelt commitment to this Declaration for Human Life:

Declaration for human life

For America and for all of us

And especially for our children let us:

Love and respect one another

Recognize the oneness of all peoples

Redirect our priorities to care for our young, our elderly and those in ill health

Support each individual in the discovery and fulfillment of their innate purpose

Honor our workers for their contribution to our lives

Restore and protect our environment and wilderness

Build an economy which supports human life

Develop and use our technology for the purposes of caring for one another in harmony with the needs of all life on this planet

Cooperate with all other nations as part of our extended family, focusing on peace, brother and sisterhood, mutual prosperity and the care of our beautiful planet.

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