by Ceal Smith

Tessera Solar has withdrawn its proposal for a 27 MW, 800-acre development in the rural community of Marfa in West Texas.  According to reports, it was unable to obtain the financing needed for the project.

Tessera Solar is proposing to install 8,000 of the same three-story high, mirrored satellite dish SunCatcher’s for a much larger 1,525-acre 200 MW facility in the San Luis Valley, Colorado.  The project is currently under review for a 1041 permit in Saguache County.

According to Malinda Beeman, artist and resident of the tiny West Texas town of Marfa, Tessera had trouble finding land for the project and when they finally did strike a lease deal, it was only 1/2 mile from the Antelope Hills Subdivision where Beeman and others lived.    …. continued on author’s blog