They just kept coming in the door. They ate up all the food, drank up all the beer and wine, talked and laughed, hugged and told stories and had a great old time. Me too.
The Crestone Eagle 20th Year Open House & Celebration held in January drew around 150+ people. Many more said that they wanted to come, but for various reasons couldn’t, and wished us well. (Kinda glad they didn’t show up—we already went to Curt’s twice!)
We put together a 15 minute repeating slide show of old photographs. We had photos of people who used to live here and moved away, and people who had died. Judging by the response of the viewers, we all still remember them and hold them dear in our hearts. We had photos of current residents when they were much younger. Lots of exclamations on those. “How young! cute! skinny! with hair!
People shared their history here with newcomers who appreciated the old stories as they learned what we all did, and continue to do, to make this such a special place.
One person at the open house pointed out the diversity of the people attending. They said they ran into people here they usually don’t see within their particular social circle. That the Eagle was the common ground—for both local residents and those part-timers living afar.
Maybe that’s because of the variety of people who contribute to the paper. Who write from their own interest, expertise and talent and enjoying sharing this with all of us. It is those people who really should be thanked for making the Eagle what it is.
Plus the advertisers who make it all possible. And the awesome staff, who puts it together month after month.
Thank you all, with love,