The Crestone Eagle • December, 2020

The 7G-ERC and how could it help with COVID-19 reset?

You are the 7G Emergency Restoration Coalition!  Inspired from my training in the incident command system (ICS) FEMA. The 7G-ERC uses seventh generation and permaculture philosophies to help restoration efforts during this very tough time.

I extend my sincere condolences to any losses you or loved ones may have had.

The visual aid planning wheel below is designed to assist people during emergencies with a flow chart for helpful actions.

If you don’t decide what’s next for yourself, based on non-biased science (not a special interest/paid agenda), fed to you by the mainstream media, you may fall victim to COVID-19 from stress alone . . . without even having the virus.  We must not lose our spirit and  trust in life to fear.  Our mutually beneficial, reciprocal relationships that keep us thriving in such a small town are needed now more then ever.

Critical thinking/living methods concerning food, family and safety are needed within our community—In order for us to succeed we will need to have a strong Mind (mental health and virtuous leadership), Body (physical health and local conservation/economy), and Spirit (whole love and vital unity).  Zen and other philosophies can be incorporated to customize your own way . . .

Thoughts on moving forward:

Read Agenda 21 and 20-30 ASAP.  You can download the PDFs on the internet.  We will need to be meek (teachable) and educate with truth to rebuild confidence and healthy community interaction.  Our local groups working together can help secure critical infrastructure with food, water, medicine, shelter, heating, power, education, etc. Could it be that this RESET is a catalyst or paradigm shifter for renewed inspiration for a healthier future?  Not according to the World Economic Forum . . . google it and see the plans the new world order has for us!

We will need each others’ diversified skill sets, specifically in knowing the LAW!  The birth-rights each being has been gifted must be asserted with love, not fear.  Our cultivation of happiness, health, and basic living is essential.  Trade, farmsteading, greenhouses, cooperative farmshares, and celebration of life it self is on the table.  Restoration of symbiotic living is a must.

What to do now.  Find alternative information ASAP.  Turn off the mainstream news ASAP, it appears it’s now poison by design (fear porn) to keep you in fear of WWIII, and is dividing the humans like never before.  It’s time to review personal goals, set out on your own path with your own tribe.  Ask, pray to become symbiotically attuned to the new bugs in the air . . . breathe like a newborn on the planet, take your first breath of air!  Of course, also take logical protective measures, and ask for the probiotic bugs (90% of them are healthy ones) to be strong!   We need the truth about SARS-coV-2 (what causes COVID-19) to come out soon!  Attempting one’s best to make peace with self . . . ask for balance in self . . . this all helps all relationships in life, on all levels, from the most microscopic creature on.  The symphony that all life dances to is dependant upon cycles being in balance to create the biostasis that we have become accustomed to, and which we thrive in love within.  It’s a beautiful thing to remember—one handful of living soil should have millions of microscopic, helpful beings, and they are key to all life.  Learning to know that the average human has up to nine billion non-human microscopic life forms in and on us, Wow! If we are smart—we are working with them, listening to them, and learning from them, because in a way, they are bigger than us, and will be our saviours in this enormous challenge!

Bottom line. We all breathe the same air!  If things get too complicated just count to 5!—Go back to your heart, hit the reset button, breathe, meditate, yoga!  Perhaps  the simplicity of chopping wood and carrying water (living  close to the land) will help us remember “If you’re fed, warm, and loved it really doesn’t get much better.”  Also a small window garden . . . wheat grass or other plants . . . learn more about the web of life, this gives purpose and meaning to the human’s day.

Do what works for you? Finding an inner peace and confidence within the wisdom of life’s web, for you are a part of this!  Shed what is no longer needed, less is more, enjoy non-action.  Utilizing appropriate technology is key to this journey, and by making choices for the long haul (seven generations 7G).  Together preparing for the future can become fun. Without a healthy inter-woven relationship with the world our food chain and homeostasis  could change before our very eyes, it’s really about our gratitude for the gift . . . our Sun, Earth and us!

1+1 = 3  When our heavenly parents, the sun and earth are shown love, we may get another day!

Restoration . . . we can improve stewardship with a bit of discipline, join a local cause/group. The main mission of this coalition is to assist efforts already in place by local groups and goverment, and to support one another in healthy relationships. Things that ultimately matter the most—as  written by the Crestone Mountain Grange crew . . . “Food, Family and safety”—Nourishing life from living soil and sunshine, seems essential now above all else because, well . . . the other stuff is just revealed as rather trivial now.

Our village can do this work! God speed!

In service,

Heather & Nathan Good

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