The Crestone Eagle • July, 2020

The Crestone Spiritual Alliance: A unique alliance of diverse spiritual traditions

by William Howell

The greater the uncertainty in the world, the greater the responsibility and scope of the Crestone Spiritual Alliance.

Regardless of your “take” on the pandemic, the one common response we likely share in these interesting times is that we feel closer . . . to our lives and to one another.

This longing for nearness and belonging is why there are spiritual centers and why there is a Crestone Spiritual Alliance (CSA).

The Crestone Spiritual Alliance is a remarkable gathering on the face of the Earth—a voluntary group, now fourteen years together, moving by consensus, which demonstrates the trust and respect that our 25 spiritual centers have for one another. Communion, considerably greater than mere tolerance, among spirituo-religious groups has been rare throughout human history.

The CSA is a service assembly. We serve to unite the spiritual centers of our community by addressing common issues (from working mutually with various government entities to enjoying inter-spiritual dialogue) that enliven our sense of connection, duty and service. We also hope more deeply and beautifully to tie the spiritual centers to the community at large, for we welcome inputs from many references and points of view.

While our membership is likely to be drawn inward toward finding fulfilment, we recognize embodiment to be the mark of maturity and the essence of the service that expresses our universal connection.

Should this coronavirus invasion turn out to be the up-ender that shakes up everything to the core, then the CSA is willing to find itself being redefined by the necessities of our common welfare.

Are we, sequestered at home, moving closer to the simplicity that drew us, however consciously or otherwise, to this power spot upon the Earth? Crestone may well be a place at the center of the destiny of the future. In any event, this place where we are honored to dwell is a gifted community that may well be an inspiration to our entire human family.

Such orientation implies a togetherness as we share this place of empowerment. The Crestone Spiritual Alliance is all about this togetherness and the responsibilities we have to one other as we look to do justice to the great fortune with and by which we live.

The membership of the CSA thanks cofounder and 1st Chair, Christian Dillo, and recent Chair Matthew Crowley for their thoughtful leadership for the past many years. Now that Matthew and his family are relocating (back) to Massachusetts, the CSA is being co-chaired by Ramloti of the Haidakhandi Universal Ashram, Hamida Nur of the Golden Light Sufi Circle, and William Howell of Sanctuary House and the Camino de Crestone. The energy and intention expressed at our recent annual meeting suggests that the CSA will continue to be a vital presence.