The flowering of downtown—volunteers plant 23 trees & hundreds of flowers in downtown Crestone


On Saturday, June 3, 2017, the Crestone community came together to create beauty and fellowship here. That’s the day people planted deer-resistent perennial flowers in all the new flower beds in town.

Over 100 people from all walks of our community contributed in their way to the success of this project. Dozens gave hundreds of flowers from their own gardens. Many, many contributed funds to purchase and we bought $5,000 worth of new flowers. Weeks before bed-planting, volunteers (all part of an awesome group called “Fellowship of the Flowers” created by Patrick Moore) dug up donated flowers, transplanted them and cared for them in the Town’s greenhouse. On the morning of  June 3 over 80 volunteers showed up with shovels, spades and work gloves to plant flowers.

The weekend before planting flowers, the Town staff  and a group of volunteers planted and fenced 23 large trees in the downtown area.  Each of these trees was purchased by someone sponsoring a tree. Many were given in memory of someone. Plaques will be placed on the trees naming the donors or their loved ones. This brings an extra-special quality to these trees as they create shade and beauty for many years to come.  Kizzen Laki oversaw the tree selection, donations, purchase, and placement of the trees.

Town staff, especially Gretchen Nelson and Andrew Martinez. worked hard on prepping the beds for trees, flowers and water lines.

Early on June 3, Brady’s West Nursery from Salida delivered over 600 new flowers, and volunteers distributed them among the beds. More volunteers arrived and through out the day worked the beds and planted flowers. By late afternoon all the flowers were planted, beds were mulched and everything watered. People spoke on how much can be accomplished when we pull together.

People helped each other. Adults and children planted flowers together. Teams seemed to form effortlessly, like a dance, with common purpose. The air was filled with excitement and incredible fellowship. It was common to hear people expressing their joy with phrases such as “astounding!,  unbelievable!” and “so uplifting!”

It was hard but rewarding work. Our community merchants refreshed us. The Mercantile provided juice, water and fresh fruit. Carrie Allen made hundreds of her delicious donuts (with festive frosting). The Crestone Brewing Co. made fresh, hot breakfast burritos for everyone. As you enjoy the new look and beauty in our village, please acknowledge the hard work of our volunteers and the generosity of the merchants who nourished them and kept them going.

Says Patrick Moore, “The mission of the Fellowship of the Flowers has always been: Let us create an oasis of light and beauty and fellowship high up here, where no shadow can touch. The vehicle was to plant the flower beds.”

Several people and families have adopted a bed and will continue to care for those beds. You’ll see them out tending the plants. More beds are available for adoption if anyone wants to make a bed their own special project.

To all the volunteers, donors and community supporters, thank you so much for your commitment, devotion and hard work.  Because of you our village is more beautiful, more inspired and more unified. Great accomplishments!

Special thanks to Town Clerk Allyson Ransom, Treasurer Gwynn Busby and tractor man and chief rock-mover Jim Hollmer.

The planter beds were created last year as part of the Pedestrian Pathways Project that included sideways, curbs, gutters and planter beds. Burt Wadman was the designer for the project. The Town did not have the funds to do the final beautification  of trees and plants­­—so the people stepped up and made it happen. Thank you.