The Crestone Eagle • October, 2020

The Wild and Scenic Film Festival Nov. 14

The Wild and Scenic Film Festival is coming soon!

On November 14, tune in at 6:30pm; show starts at 7 and goes until 8:45.

“Water is Life” is the theme of this year’s Wild and Scenic Film festival brought to life by ScSEED (Saguache County Sustainable Environment and Economic Development ( ScSEED is headed up by an all-star team with an impressive list of accomplishments. Not only putting on an annual film festival that addresses pressing needs for humanity, and our local communities, it’s also an invaluable resource for economic development, environmental and community health and sustainment for Saguache County.

The Wild and Scenic Film Festival requires hours reviewing films so as to pick a variety of films with an eye for grabbing the heart, appealing to the mind while galvanizing and inspiring people to actions aimed at addressing the needs of our county around environmental and economic concerns—as well as being entertaining and fun.

The 92-minute lineup this year includes L’eau est la vie (Water Is Life); From Standing Rock to the Swamp which won the Best Docu Short at the Crown Wood International Film Festival; Great Basin Water Is Life which brings to light critical information regarding a 300-foot pipeline proposed in Nevada to fuel unchecked urban growth; Herd Impact about an innovative North Texas rancher couple who let nature dictate how they graze their cattle with the valuable results of healing their land and creating healthy habitats for migratory birds while raising one of the largest herds of cattle in Texas, and more.

For the first time in its Wild and Scenic history, ScSEED will be featuring a local film by film producer Christi Bode. Bode owns MoxieCran Media. “Communicating ideas is central to my work.  I like to keep it just a touch weird at times but creating relationships on-set are what allows me to capture portraits, conceptual and documentary work in an intimate, off-kilter feel.”

Film-based and local speakers and sponsors will be sprinkled throughout the presentation focusing on Saguache County concerns, largely focused around water issues. Time permitting there may be a panel discussion at the end of the showing.

While originally planned to be held in the Historical Ute Theatre in Saguache, with food and drink provided by the Village Pub, this year, due to the pandemic, the event will be held online with options to support some of our local restaurants with a lovely take-out basket of goodies to enjoy while watching the films. The basket of goodies will be confirmed in the coming weeks, with hopes they can be obtained from restaurants in Center, Saguache and Crestone. Stay tuned for that!

Tickets to view the fundraising festival are a whoopingly low $10 each or $50 with the yummy gift basket you can enjoy while viewing the show.

Sponsors of the Wild and Scenic Film Festival so far include: Lynne Thompson, Doug Bishop, Orient Land Trust, Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust, Colorado Land Trust and Joyful Journey as well as participants who donate to the event over the ticket cost if they wish.

ScSEED is always looking for more members and sponsors for any of their vitally important projects as they work together as a community to develop a sustainable economy that builds on our existing strengths, contributes to a strong integrated community, and protects the environment, rural lifestyle and the character of Saguache County. Projects can be viewed on the ScSEED website If you wish to sponsor ScSEED, please contact Lynne Thompson 719-754-9163.

As it happens, ScSEED is in search of more board members. This is a great time to get involved in your community by joining the board. Adults from all walks of life and youth are encouraged to join—generating beneficial impact in doing so. To join the board please contact Lynne Thompson 719-754-9163 or Liza Marron 719-539-5606.

Water is life. The water table here in the San Luis Valley has decreased dramatically. It’s vitally important that we all learn what we can do to keep the water from dropping—and better yet—raise it up again. Join us!