The Crestone Eagle • September, 2021

There’s a new Space in town

by Lori Nagel

Come as you are—everyone is welcome!  “The Space” opened in July 2021 and their grand opening was on August 20, with DJ’s and a live folk band from 10 am – 9 pm. The Space is located on south Alder St. in Crestone. It opens up to the street with a garage door and has a nice fenced green space out back. 

The Space began a few years ago for Nisa Kerr, as she dreamed of creating a coop for people, ideas, exchange, natural movements and spontaneous art, from the centimeters between our ribs to the stars in the sky. It was born organically in June with her business partner, Brett Buchanan, because many people collaborated with the conscious intention of sharing ideas, music, healing and natural movement. “Intentionally being together after this pandemic is important to me,” Nisa said. “People are eager right now for community, music and yoga, so we’re vibrating forward with joyful resilience.”  

When she first came to Crestone, Nisa was seeking out consistent yoga and community, so this is her way to help manifest that. The weekly schedule is shaping up with Yogis, CrossFit teachers, martial arts teachers and music coming together. Classes started on August 30. 

Children’s natural movement classes, children’s art classes and adult art classes are coming soon. They’ll be adding to their dynamic schedule going forward, so if you would like to teach and/or attend a class, please stop by and say hello. 

Currently, Brett teaches CrossFit, Nisa teaches various forms of yoga, Rita teaches Vinyasa yoga, Sierra teaches Yin Nidra yoga, Abraham teaches martial arts, Brandon teaches women’s self-defense and Carl is hosting an open mic jam on Sunday afternoons. Guest DJ’s will host Ecstatic Dance, and there will be live music on Saturday nights. Please see their ad for the current schedule and stop by soon—they’d love to see you!