originally published: February 2020

There’s No Such Thing As A Weed: Making a flu kit

by Dorje Root, RH (AHG)

Don’t you wish sometimes that you had everything you needed for the flu together and close at hand? Especially when you have the flu and your brain isn’t working? Even when you’re an herbalist but you don’t know where everything is and your mind isn’t working right? Welcome to the flu kit.  The flu kit can be a part of your regular first aid kit, but specialized, and there when you need it.  Feel free to substitute any particular remedy I mention with your favorite go-to flu herb.

First of all, find a nice container for your flu kit.  It could be a sturdy box with a lid, a small duffle bag or travel bag—whatever works for you.  Here are some things you can buy in advance:

1. Oscillococcinum—a homeopathic remedy for use at the first signs of flu.

2. Traditional Medicinal Teas.  I like these because these are all nicely medicinal and available without having to mix them up from scratch.  I like “Throat Coat”, “Echinacea Plus” (formerly “Echinacea Elder”), “Ginger Aid”, and some of their other respiratory teas.

3. Your favorite respiratory tincture.  WishGarden Herbs has their “Kickass Immune Formula,” for example.  Look for something with mullein, osha, usnea, echinacea, grindelia, and/or other antimicrobial and soothing herbs.

4. Vitamins C and D3—take before, during, and after the flu.

5. A good novel that you haven’t read yet.  It won’t hurt your eyes as much as watching movies all day on the computer, and it will help the time go by.

Now here are some things to keep in the fridge as part of the kit:

6. Fire Cider – a collection of medicinal and spicy herbs macerated in vinegar.  Look for recipes online. Take by the spoonful.

7. Elderberry syrup or juice – buy or make your own.  Many recipes online. Use by the spoonful or in herbal tea.  Very antiviral.

8. Garlic – eat it raw for one of the best antimicrobial foods/herbs around (mash and spread on toast, or mix with lemon and orange juice, olive oil, powered ginger and cayenne and drink)

9. Fresh ginger – hot ginger tea is great for the flu.

10. Lemons – mix lemon juice with honey for an effective cough syrup.

And last but not least—rest until you’re better! Flus are notorious for making a comeback if you push yourself too hard and too soon. 

Dorje Root, RH (AHG) is an herbalist and natural healer, also working with Plant Spirit Medicine, Intuitive Energy Healing and ‘The Journey’ cellular healing.  For an appointment call 719-937-7786 or visit www.rootsofhealing.com