The Crestone Eagle • November, 2020

There’s No Such Things as a Weed: Working with the 2020 blues

by Dorje Root, RH (AHG)

As I thought about what plant wisdom would be helpful for all of us during these times and thinking about individual herbs that could be helpful, I realized it was not just about individual herbs, but about the plant kingdom in general.  When you read this, the elections will be over or just about over, and no matter the outcome there will most likely be chaos.  COVID-19 will still be restricting our movements and our lives.  And the astrological influences on our country and on individuals will still be happening.  And winter is on its way. 

The relationship between humans and the plant kingdom goes back to the beginning of human history.  Plants have provided our clothing, our food, our medicines, and they have also provided a sense of groundedness and joy.  The term tree-hugger began as a derogatory description of people who were seen as a little bit too hippyesque, too woo-woo, too out of touch.  But really, how do you feel when you hug a tree?  Personally, I feel grounded, balanced, and joyful.  How do you feel walking on a wooded trail?  How do you feel in your garden?  Doing flower arrangements? 

Yes, the cold weather is coming, and all the more reason to remember to go outside, to walk among trees, to be fully present in nature.  And I guarantee, our ability to remain calm among the chaos will be much stronger.  Even tending to our indoor plants can help.  Now I may be preaching to the choir here, but I forget, and I’m a plant person.  When it’s really cold I think I can just exercise indoors, forgetting that it’s not just exercise I’m after.  Forgetting that it’s the ancient connection between our human species and the plant world that gives us sustenance and balance and helps us to weather these times with a feeling of well-being and calm.

Of course there are the tinctures and teas, flower essences and homeopathics that give us specific relief and help us through certain moments. And there is even just holding a tincture bottle and feeling the essence of the particular herb to help us calm down.  But deeper than all of these usual methods of connecting with the medicinal plant world, there is the fundamental understanding that we are relatives.  We have helped each other through difficult times before, and we can do it again.

Dorje Root, RH (AHG) is an herbalist and energy healer.  For an appointment call 719-937-7786 or visit