The Crestone Eagle • September, 2021

Trunk or Treat is happening again! In spooky Crestone on Halloween

by Deana Wilfong

Last year Halloween wasn’t what it used to be, was it? Well, we’re feeling hopeful this year that the annual Crestone Halloween Trunk or Treat downtown is on! If you love being creative, enjoy delight in a child’s face or just like to play, please consider joining us on Sunday October 31 starting at 5:30pm downtown. Kids start coming out at 5:30pm so come before to set up and find your spot. 

This is how it works: the houses are pretty spread out around here so we all meet up downtown for some Halloween fun. As part of the usual trick or treat scene in the downtown area with business and houses, you can decorate your car, dress up or just keep it simple and provide extra stops for the kids. Park around town. You can spread out so the kids have to walk: in front of the Eagle, the Post Office, the school, the Merc, by the parks. Grab a few friends and make clusters around town tailgate style and as the kids go door to door they can also go car to car. These kids have been through so much, let’s do it up right! Plus, a little creative fun would do you good too! Think outside the box. Get imaginative. Think of how you can help include others. If you have young kids and you want to walk with them, offer a friend some treats to hand out on your behalf. Sponsor an elder who wants to see the kids and may need some help getting something to hand out. Decorate your car for a neighbor or just stand on the sidewalk with a bag of treats. Let’s fill those sidewalks with kids and kids at heart! Fun, right? Let’s get creative! Look up “trunk or treat” for ideas.

Halloween in Crestone has evolved over the years. From the White Eagle to the Sage, from dances for the Firefighters to CPI (Crestone Performance Inc.) fundraisers. Small trunk or treat efforts started in the early 2000 but since 2016 the trunk or treat scene down town has grown. From spontaneous dance performances to handmade dragons, from houses decorated (and haunted) like nothing you’ve ever seen before to Flintstone cars, Crestone? You are a creative bunch. So here’s your chance to dive into some creativity. We may have taken a year off, but we’re coming back strong!