The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday dismissed Nebraska and Oklahoma’s lawsuit challenging Colorado’s marijuana regulation laws.

The attorneys general for Nebraska and Oklahoma filed the lawsuit directly with the Supreme Court in December 2014, arguing that the state’s decision to regulate the cultivation and distribution of marijuana was “placing stress on their criminal justice systems.” The Colorado and U.S. governments both filed briefs urging the court to dismiss the suit.

A statement from Mason Tvert, Denver-based director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project and a co-director of the 2012 Colorado marijuana initiative: “This was a meritless lawsuit, and the court made the right decision. States have every right to regulate the cultivation and sale of marijuana, just as Nebraska and Oklahoma have the right to maintain their failed prohibition policies. Colorado has done more to control marijuana than just about any other state in the nation. It will continue to set an example for other states that are considering similar laws in legislatures and at the ballot box.”