CRESTONE, Colo. US Forest Service – A one-tenth acre fire is burning in the Spanish Creek drainage on the Rio Grande National Forest about three miles southwest of Crestone. The small fire is burning in steep, rocky terrain and has not been spreading.

Firefighters have not directly engaged the fire on the ground due to the ruggedness of the area. A helicopter dropped eight buckets of water on the fire Tuesday. The Crestone and Baca Volunteer Fire Departments provided support for the bucket operation and were on standby to assist with emergency medical support if needed.

The Spanish Creek Fire is expected to periodically put up smoke that will be visible from the Baca Grande subdivision. Fire personnel will patrol the fire daily and are gathering information to identify locations and conditions where the fire may be safely and effectively controlled if it were to spread.

For more information, contact the Rio Grande National Forest Supervisor’s Office at 719-852-5941.