To the Editor,

As a licensed physician in Colorado I’m writing this note to urge readers to vote for Colorado Care, Amendment 69, “Medicare for All Coloradans”, as it’s been called. Colorado Care is not part of the regular state government. It is a co-op solely engaged in health care, not the many issues vying for attention in ordinary state entities. Its managers, the Trustees, are elected by us, the citizens. Unlike insurance companies, whose shareholders primarily seek personal profit, Colorado Care, owned by us citizens, has as its primary interest good health care and quality providers. This system is simple, having no deductibles, no narrow networks of providers and no annual re-enrollment. It covers EVERYONE. Complementary, alternative, and integrative medical therapies are covered for practices that are demonstrably effective. Colorado Care aims to improve health care in rural areas such as ours through a number of innovative approaches. Another major underserved population targeted by Colorado Care is that of those with mental health and substance abuse disorders. The overall theme of Colorado Care is to tackle the deficiencies that have made our health care system one of the least effective among developed nations while at the same time being the most expensive. The extra money needed to pay for all these elements that have gone missing in our current system is expected to emerge from savings derived from the elimination of the practices of our current corporate health insurance plutocracy. Fewer health administrators will be needed and the cost of purchased drugs and medical equipment can be greatly reduced.

I urge you to help us move forward on health care that is both effective and fair. Health care is a right, not a privilege.


Earl (“Bill”) Sutherland MD PhD.