On November 1 Crestone and Baca area citizens approved the creation of a new Emergency Services District that would combine the Baca Grande Fire Department and Ambulance Service, Search and Rescue and the Crestone area fire department that is part of the Northern Saguache County Fire Protection District.

The vote, certified on November 17, approved the new district (5A) and the “debrucing” (5C), but 5B, allowing the new district to be funded through a mil levy, was defeated. The final votes were:

5A Yes 281, No 257

5B Yes 259, No 277

5C Yes 271, No 253

All three measures easily passed on the local precinct 5 vote, but out-of-the-area property owners who resided in other parts of Colorado and voted against all the measures tipped the vote on 5B, causing its defeat.

Broken down by our local precient 5, and “other” the results were:

5A local, 250 yes, 191 No; Other 31 Yes, 66 No

5B local 235 Yes, 207 No; Other 24 Yes, 70 No

5C local 239 Yes, 190 No; Other 32 Yes, 63 No

Elected to serve on the fire district board of directors were Eli Dokson, Roger David Hillman, Maia Dercum, Hamilton Brannon and Terry L. Godfrey. They will be sworn into office in mid-December and begin taking actions to get the district operational by January 1.

The Crestone Fire Protection District was decreed by Judge Martin Gonzales on November 28.

District formation co-chairs Akia Tanara and Sandra Hammond expressed their appreciation to all those who donated their time and efforts and voted in favor of the creation of the new Crestone emergency services district.

More details on the new district will be available once the new board has been sworn in.