The Crestone Eagle • August, 2020

Ways to be politically active during a pandemic                      

compiled by Meryl Ennis, 

Crestone/Baca Grande Indivisible

When we think of being politically active, we think of Voter Registration Drives at large events or door-to-door canvassing. But, how do we stay active while safely sheltering at home or being socially distant?  Here are a number of ways to still be active that you can choose from.

Register to vote. Yourself, family members and friends. On line or Or register at your local County Clerk’s Office. Remember, if you (or your teen) is 17 but will be 18 by November 3, 2020, you can register to vote now. In-person registration and voting at the County Clerk’s office may be done up until Nov. 3. For outside Colorado, use to find your state’s online and/or other registration information.

Contact your Congressperson on topics of concern. In Crestone, they are: Senator Bennett (D) – 202-224-5852, Senator Gardner (R) 202-224-5941; Rep. Tipton (R) 202-225-4761; or go to each of their websites to email comments. For elsewhere, use to find your Senators and Representative.

Letter writing. The National Indivisible group has a letter-writing program where you commit to writing letters to voters and then send the letters off in October. Contact information on voters and body of the letters are provided. Go to for more information and to sign up.

Text canvassing. The Democratic Party has virtual text trainings to send prewritten texts. For more information go to  or for information and other opportunities.

Volunteer options. Colorado Democrats have opportunities for phone banking, postcard writing and more. Contact to volunteer or check out .

Social Media. Post voter registration information on your Facebook page or to your Twitter followers. Helpful information to post at directs people to their state online and other voter registration information, and lets people find their Senators and Representative, plus pertinent legislation. Someone did a TikTok video on

Fill out your 2020 Census. The Census determines how much Federal money is spent in our county in a number of different areas.

Letters to the editor (LTE). Letters to the editor are an excellent way of reaching a large number of people. Be precise, keep to the word limit and make no libelous comments. A personal connection to the topic is helpful, include a call to action for the reader; if possible, include your name and city and be factual. For the Alamosa Valley Courier, send to, and keep it under 500 words. The letter may be edited for length, so shorter is better. For the Denver Post, please use The Post’s word limit is 250. For topic suggestions, Mary Kate Morr is a Colorado Democratic volunteer and sends out informative emails. Contact her at to be part of her mailing list.

Join the Crestone/Baca Grande Indivisible Group or an Indivisible Group near you.  Be part of the Crestone/Baca Grande group’s mailing list for alerts on actions and activities. Send your email to Join us on Thursdays at noon at the South Crestone Park (in the Baca next to the Firehouse) for letter signing, planning and being with like-minded folks. Please wear a mask, gloves, bring a chair, pen, something firm to write on and lunch if you want to picnic. We set up by the oval drive next to the creek and socially distance.

To find an Indivisible group near you, go to 

Passive Voter Registration. The Crestone/Baca Grande Indivisible Group has voter registration information business cards to dispense. Please contact Talk to friends, family and strangers and ask if they are registered to vote. Tell them of or hand them a card.

The 100-year anniversary of the Right to Vote for Women is this August 18.  Let’s all exercise our right to vote this November!

Hopefully one or more of the above activities will resonate with you and get your passions activated. It is very possible to be an activist while still taking care. For more information, please contact Meryl at